Bio / Vita in english - Version

I started my artistic career in 1980 as a poet and songwriter.
I wrote port poems, sea shanties, children's songs, chansons and rock / pop, and published 4 volumes of lyrical poetry.
In search of new artistic challenges, I discovered my talent for abstract painting on the computer (digital painting) in 1999. I tried to use the mouse like a paintbrush and with a lot of joy in experimenting I gradually succeeded in creating my own, unmistakable painting style. “Visual poetry” - this is the best way to describe this style.

I exhibited my works in international online galleries. In 2002 I took part in a digital art competition in Japan and was able to win one of the coveted winning DCA Awards.

From 2006 to 2013 I took a long break from work.
In 2013 I got “in the mood for art” again, and this time I wanted to do something different. I took digital photos and then artistically edited the photos, where I was able to bring in experiences and techniques from digital painting. My motives are mainly Hamburg and the port, Mallorca and people. Since 2016 I have been exhibiting and reading my work in galleries, cultural centers, town halls own poems for vernissages.

Every art has its time

I understand the computer as a suitable medium, my feelings,
To translate thoughts and fantasies into visual poetry.

It is the fascination in a creative symbiosis of man and machine
to discover new possibilities in art, the universe of my soul
to wander through in search of ever new shapes and colors.